In the future I will be intro to the knowledge of some of the BJD in this part

What is BJD?

Posted by Chilly on October 13, 2014


 This doll is a YoSD belong BJD, then what is BJD?

BJD means Ball-jointed doll, here have too more define on internet, then I'll list a few links, hope could help you:)Laughing

wikipedia : Ball-jointed doll

If you carefully read the above description, now you should probably know what is BJD, then here have an article help you choose your BJD

wikiHow:   How to Choose your BJD

Finally, I want to say, BJD and their clothes, makeup etc., is not cheap, please don't give yourself pressureEmbarassed, you could just enjoy them, but one day if you become a BJD owner, then you know it's worth.Cool